Xpert-Timer Basic

Version [17.10.2017]

Activity report
  • Extension: Field "Service location" increased to 160 characters
Project manager
  • Bugfix: The project checkboxes in the project manager could not be displayed in the single user version
  • Bugfix: The restriction "Time stamp can not be edited after x days" is now also valid when moving timestamps

Version [04.10.2017]

  • Extension: Multimonitor: Window positions and sizes are now saved separately for each monitor.
  • When switching between single and multi-monitor configurations, no window positions need to be corrected any more

  • New: New option for multi monitor configuration: "Open window in visible area"
  • When switching between multi- and single-monitor systems, all windows are only opened in the currently visible area of the monitor.

  • Bugfix: New project: Endless loop with message "Project xyz already exists for customer / main project zyx"
  • Bugfix: Position and size of the reminder window at startup was not saved
  • Bugfix: Splitting of time stamps now also possible for the currently running time stamp.
  • Bugfix: Restriction for retroactive processing or re-dating time stamps did not work

Version [18.09.2017] [New DB-Patchlevel 88]

First Release of V6.0

Activity report
  • New: Price lists
  • - Price lists allow to map date-related validity for billing rates into price tables - Weekday and time-dependent surcharges
    - Qualification-dependent special billing rates for employees
    - Different currencies and special customer discounts

  • Extension: Adjustable size of the character set for the buttons of the listviews
  • New: New modern user interface
  • However, the original, colorful interface can still be used through the "User interface: Classic" option in the configuration.

Outlook module
  • Extension: New filter in the import dialog shows only emails with a sender email address in the contact list of Xpert-Timer
Project manager
  • New: Display and add notes on clients and projects in the project manager
  • New: Easily set filters for customers, project, employees via Drag & Drop from any list view.
  • Extension: New option "Get Estimation from Tasks" for profit / loss report
  • Extension: The last used character set and size is now set for each new task
  • New: 5 custom fields, incl. sorting and grouping.
  • Extension: Note in the project manager, if no time recording is possible for a selected project
  • New: New options for splitting time stamps
    - splitting by duration, time, percentage

    - setting the billing status for each resulting time stamp

Version [04.09.2017]

  • Bugfix: No timestamps visible in BASIC version when using SQLite database

Version [25.08.2017]

  • Extension: Sum up and grouping by calendar week
  • Extension: Start tasks of the current project directly via the pop-up menu of the task counter
  • New: New button (down arrow) to start subprojects directly
  • Bugfix: Start project retroactive does not set time correctly

Version [13.04.2017]

  • Bugfix: When starting a project the checkbox in the project list was unchecked until the next refresh of the project list.

Version [31.03.2017]

Client manager
  • New: New filter in the client and contact manager toolbar.
  • A) Display of clients assigned to projects only B) Only display clients whose projects are assigned to the current user

  • Bugfix: Print: When the "Date / From / To" column was not in first place, the column headings were not aligned correctly
  • Bugfix: Time stamp list: If the column from / to is not in first place and the grouping is set to "Project", "Sum" was overlapped. [Ticket: 2515]
  • Extension: Multiple selection via checkboxes from users and customers can now be combined
  • Important bugfix: Sporadic error "External exception C0000006" fixed when the exe is installed in the network and the system returns from the idle state.
  • Bugfix: The compressed user settings could not be saved under a Czech operating system when an MS-SQL server is used
  • You can now deactivate the comprssion in the .ini file.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem where the Windows desktop flickered when the Windows taskbar was switched to "Auto-hide" and the project manager was open.
  • Bugfix: Option "Duplicate day" duplicated the following day instead of the selected day under SQLite

Version [25.01.2017]

  • Bugfix: Improved behavior on scaled Windows desktop (larger font, 125%)
  • Bugfix: Task list: "Last change" date/time was not converted into correct timezone.
  • Bugfix: If the project list is filtered in the project manager by project status, e.g. "Active", all tasks appeared in the task list instead of the filtered. [Ticket: 2465]

Version [02.12.2016]

  • Extension: Quick entry now also supports the grouping by task status and automatically offers the option when entering a new task
  • Bugfix: Removed button "Billing mode" in the tab "Times" of the tasks as it did not offer a plausible filter option. [Ticket: 2445]

Version [18.11.2016]

  • Bugfix: The duration of the time needed for entering a comment was not calculated to the total end time of the timestamp.
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Exception when users with limited user rights tried to sort projects by project number
  • Bugfix: Error in the summarizing report when no columns for the print were selected.
  • Bugfix: Error when printing the task list with the column "Text". [Ticket: 2444]
  • Bugfix: Graphical error. Cardreaders (Text, Notes, Attachements, Times) optimized in the "Edit task" dialog.
  • Bugfix: When printing the timestamp list from the dialog "Edit task", the client name and project name was not printed.

Version [20.09.2016]

  • Bugfix: Automatic refresh when changing details in a quote. The change is now immediately displayed in the client manager. [Ticket: 2409]
  • Bugfix: The filter for archived projects did not work in the reporting module. [Ticket: 2417]
  • Bugfix: If the receiver of a task is changed and a reminder was created for that task, the owner of the reminder is now changed, too. [Ticket: 2413]
  • Extension: The free date range option is now available on multiple dialogs [Ticket: 2430]
User manager
  • Extension: Report Check-In/Check-Out: The totals sum is now displayed for the presence. [Ticket: 2302]
  • Bugfix: User settings: Wrong grouping of work time in the user details, when using a MS-SQL database [Ticket: 2433]

Version [05.09.2016]

  • Bugfix: Traybar hints were cut off partialy when starting or stopping projects
  • Bugfix: Error in profit calculation when using flatrates and times of multiple users are used for the calculation

Version [18.08.2016]

  • Bugfix: All list views: If you've opened and closed the group settings too quickly the "Edit project" dialog was opened.
  • Bugfix: Exception when closing Xpert-Timer [Ticket: 2402]
  • Bugfix: Error when counting up the project number automatically. [Ticket: 2404]

Version [08.07.2016]

  • Bugfix: Sporadic error when creating a new project. Project was created anyways

Version [04.07.2016]

Project manager
  • Extension: If you filter the project list and there's no result, the filter will be now displayed in the empty list. [Ticket: 2373]
  • Bugfix: The filter "Only not yet to be billed" filter was not saved in the views. [Ticket: 2375]
  • Bugfix: Colums: If you've changed the settings in the .ini file, the columen from/til was not changed. [Ticket: 2377]

Version [06.06.2016]

  • Bugfix: The filter "Payed on" in the billing module did not work correctly [Ticket: 2360]
  • Bugfix: Automatic increase of project number did not work using a MySQL database [Ticket: 2358]
Project manager
  • Bugfix: The work group was not duplicated when copying a project in the work group mode [Ticket: 2367]
  • Extension: There are now arrows available in the statistic module to change the date in the "Free range" filter [Ticket: 2355]
  • Bugfix: In the single user version the filter for clients is now hidden as it's unnecessary [Ticket: 2351]
User manager
  • Bugfix: User settings: If logged in as XTAdmin no user projects were visible [Ticket: 2370]
  • Bugfix: The list of userprojects was not displayed correctly in XTAdmin.exe [Ticket: 2368]

Version [12.05.2016]

  • Bugfix: Graphical error: When displaying the history module, the contact person was displayed wrong in the project settings. [Ticket: 2345]
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Printing: Column "Created" was not printed [Ticket: 2342]
  • Bugfix: Copy of projects: When copying a main project within a client, the project was not marked as "Copy of..." [Ticket: 2347]
  • Bugfix: Using the excel export and exporting the column "Person in charge", the name was exported with an extra space

Version [12.04.2016]

  • Bugfix: No result was delivered when searching for a project name in the dialog "Manual entry" and "New task"
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Time stamps: When right clicking on a timestamp and choosing "Manual entry", the project name must be set automatically. [Ticket: 2335]
  • Bugfix: When printing, the sorted column was ignored, when no grouping was chosen [Ticket: 2334]

Version [02.04.2016]

  • Bugfix: Text phrases are now sorted alphabetically
  • Bugfix: Email: Radio button "User" did not work in the print settings [Ticket: 2322]
  • New: When checking off a task you can now change the status of the task as well. E.g. a developer checks the task off and sends it to the testes with the status "Test".
  • New: New filter in toolbar in order to filter for multiple task states at one time
  • Bugfix: Documents and tasks where not transferred if a task was moved from one project to another
  • Bugfix: Task packages: Task packages could not be deleted in combination with a MS-Access database [Ticket: 2323]
  • Bugfix: When copying tasks, the total sum of the tasks was copied, too. [Ticket: 2324]
  • Bugfix: Clientfilter was added to the single user version [Ticket: 2321]
  • Extension: You can now sort all lists like text phrases, project types, etc by column
  • Extension: Note subject can now be edited using F2 in the notes list

Version [07.03.2016]

  • New: User defined fields can now be filled when importing project data using a CSV file
Project manager
  • New: Display user diefined fields in the project manager now. New grouping and filter options are also available. [Ticket: 2291]
  • Extension: Display of times in the monthly report with with two decimals
  • New: Task manager: Filter for date (Created, Due on, Starts on, Done, Last change)
  • Bugfix: Edit taks: Save button was not active when reminder was set von "None" to "0 min before". [Ticket: 2276]
User manager
  • New: Reset the users settings only for window positions and sizing
  • New: Reset the users settings only for the dialogs which are checked with "Don't show this dialog again".

Version [24.02.2016]

  • Extension: New forma type "hours (h:mm)", in order to export hours not only in decimal but also in hours and minutes.
  • New: Option to print with a smaller font to get as much information on a page as possible
  • New: Page width is now checked before printing
  • Bugfix: Rebuild all list reports
  • New: Printing of the reports is now optionally available in hours, minutes or decimal.
  • Bugfix: Weekly report: The columns of the days are now smaller, the column for the project name is now larger. [Ticket: 2272]
  • New: New SHA256 signature for setup and .exe

Version [22.01.2016]

  • Bugfix: Excel Export: The destination path is always "MyDocuments" [Ticket: 2263]
  • Bugfix: Edit taks: If an attachment is added using drag&drop the task name should be filled automatically in the dialog "Add document". [Ticket: 2244]
  • Bugfix: Tasklist: Filter text "Ready to start" is not displayed. [Ticket: 2266]

Version [07.01.2016]

Project manager
  • Bugfix: Could not change project state without changing sub projects also [Ticket: 2248]
  • Bugfix: Excel Export: Percentage was always 0 when exporting to excel. [Ticket: 2258]

Version [31.12.2015] [New DB-Patchlevel 87]

First release of V5.0

  • New: New excel export
  • - New export dialog
    - Export fields can now be chosen
    - Header names can be changed
    - Export formats can be changed, e.g. date, time, hours, percent an many more
    - Width of columns can be set
    - Summarizing is possible
    - Colors and styles can be set

  • Extension: Headers of list views are now saved in the .ini file
  • - The option to name the headers is only available when logged in as XTADMIN
    - You can find the option in the dropdown menu of the list configuration (Button "Views" on the toolbar)

  • New: Note categories are now available
  • New: List views: You can now display quick access buttons for your saved views.
  • New: Display or hide the quick entry line for lists by right clicking on the toolbar
  • New: When printing a list you have now the option to "Start new page per group". This allows to start a new page for e.g. each client or each user.
  • New: Notes for projects
  • New: 5 additional project states, e.g. "Waiting for release", "Quoted", "To be billed"
  • New: User definied fields for projects
  • New: New project state "Released"
  • New: New overview tab in the project settings for all recent action in relation to the project
Project manager
  • New: New chart for timestamp list
  • New: New chart for project list
  • New: Timestamp list, To-Do-List and reimbursables can now be viewed in a seperate window if you choose the option in the menu "View".
  • New: You can now start projects or tasks from the timestamp list
  • New: Completely new reporting module
  • - Reporting of clients/users/user groups
    - Summarizing of clients, projects, users, dates and much more
    - Grouping of clients, projects, users, dates and much more
    - Support of different currencies
    - Excel-Export of results
    - Graphics of results

  • Extension: Optimized email function when printing a list.
  • New: XT now supports the SSL encryption for sending emails through SMTP
  • New: Optimized options to automatically send emails from the system
  • New: Access rights: Now only access rights of actived modules are visible [Ticket: 2174]
  • New: Notes can now be added to tasks
  • New: New task states: 1) Test 2) Test successful 3) Test failed 4) Problem occured 5) Ready
  • - plus 5 additional states, free to be named

  • New: Timestamp list: You can now enter multiple line comments. Use the context menu (right click) to activate.
  • New: Timestamp list: If grouped by day, the date is now automatically entered into the manual entry if the focus is on one of those dates.
  • New: New tab "Projects" in the user settings, in order to easily assign projects.

Version [01.10.2015]

  • Extension: All dialogues for text queries can now be saved and closed using CTRL+Enter [Ticket: 2182]
  • Bugfix: Assigning projects: Sporadic error when closing the dialog is fixed.
  • Bugfix: Task Packages dialog was blocked.

Version [24.09.2015]

  • Bugfix: Edit task: Text of task was hidden
  • Bugfix: Time stamps list: If timestamp list ist grouped by day, and the day is marked, this date will be used in the manual entry.

Version [21.09.2015]

  • Bugfix: Verbesserte Kompatibilität zu Windows 10 (insb. Uhrzeitformat)
  • Bugfix: Kommentar wurde in der Zeitstempelliste mehrzeilig dargestellt.

Version [07.08.2015]

  • Bugfix: To-Do list: The column "Time left" could not be printed. [Ticket: 2117]
  • Bugfix: To-Do List: "Time left" should display the time estimated if there has not been any time entry yet. [Ticket: 2119]
  • Bugfix: To-Do list: The column "Time left" was not eported to Excel. [Ticket: 2118]
  • Bugfix: Timestamps: When merging timestamps, the pause was not added to the end time when "Discard gaps" was chosen.

Version [23.06.2015]

  • Bugfix: Error "OnShow, OnHide ..." when using windows sipping tool

Version [19.05.2015]

  • Bugfix: Excel export: Text of description is now fully exported to Excel. (was cut to 255 characters before) [Ticket: 2104]
  • Extension: Project list printing: The column "Description" ist now wider to better display the text. [Ticket: 2111]
  • New: PDF-Print Settings: Settings for compression and optimized printing are now being saved.
  • New: PDF-Print: New options for "PDF Compression" and "Optimized printing" are now available in the print dialog.
  • Bugfix: Report: The height of the project description in the report header is now set automatically, so that no text is cut. [Ticket: 2091]
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Sometimes, without refreshing the projectmanager, the total sum of the project was doubled when a project was edited and saved. [Ticket: 1946]
  • Bugfix: Statistic module: Access violation when 2nd record was marked and the arrows where used to flip through the pages. [Ticket: 2094]
  • Bugfix: Print tasks: Access violation when including the column "Time needed" in the report. [Ticket: 2106]

Version [23.03.2015]

  • New: Print lists. Texts of column headers can be changed now by using xperttimer.ini [mehr]
  • see manual for details

  • Bugfix: User settings are now compressed, to keep the footprint of a user record small (problems with MS-Access)
  • Bugfix: Freier Zeitraum: Bei Gruppierung nach Kunde oder Hauptprojekt wurden unter gewissen Umständen die letzte Zeile nicht angezeigt.

Version [12.02.2015]

  • Extension: Check in / Check out report is now displayed in hh:mm or optional in decimal hours, according to the configuration [Ticket: 2059]
  • Extension: Running projects are stopped now when the program is terminated.
  • Bugfix: Timestamps / Pause time: Bugfix when entering a pause time on project stop. [Ticket: 2061]

Version [03.02.2015]

  • Bugfix: The entered pause on a timestamp must never be longer than the timestamp itself.
  • Bugfix: Automatic project numbers can now be used, even with a deleted project having a textual project number. [Ticket: 2044]

Version [05.01.2015]

Project manager
  • Bugfix: Zeitstempelliste: Nachträge bei nicht verrechenbaren Projekten auch in Grau darstellen. [Ticket: 2031]

Version [27.11.2014]

  • Extension: Arbeitszeit aufteilen: Neue Auswahlmöglichkeit "Nicht aufteilen" in Abfragedialog [Ticket: 2003]

Version [17.10.2014]

  • Extension: Wenn Stundenblöcke nachgetragen werden, können diese nun über mehrere Tage verteilt werden.
  • Es kann nun unterschieden werden ob die Stunden nur für Mo-Fr, Mo-Sa oder Mo-So verteilt werden.

Version [09.10.2014]

  • Extension: Lost database connection: Offer an option, that the message does not take the focus of the current application when loosing the database connection [Ticket: 1925]
  • Bugfix: Excel export cause error when using the english time / date format [Ticket: 1927]
  • Extension: Improved process to restore deleted project
Project manager
  • Extension: Search/Filter fields now have a yellow background if filled, e.g. search for project name, client.
  • New: All toolbars: You can now hide the button "Views". [Ticket: 1926]
  • Right click and use the context menu

  • Bugfix: Timestamps: The width of the timestamp list is now saved. [Ticket: 1928]
  • Extension: New reminders: Added option "in 3 months" and "in 1 year" [Ticket: 1951]
  • Bugfix: The view "Main projects" also displayed sub projects in the results. [Ticket: 1948]
  • Bugfix: ToDo list: Name of "Creator" was not displayed when grouping by creator. [Ticket: 1945]

Version [10.09.2014]

  • Bugfix: Currency: XT takes $ in english version when EUR is configured in windows settings [Ticket: 1914]
  • Bugfix: Some text changes in the english translation

Version [25.08.2014]

  • Bugfix: Error when printing reports - Field not found "currency_lcid".
  • New: New menu item "Display elements" in popup menu. [Ticket: 1889]

Version [21.08.2014]

  • Bugfix: The setting, whether you are displaying the description of the menu buttons is now saved and does not change anymore when changing a saved view. [Ticket: 1391]
  • Bugfix: If a user is deleted from a main project, who still exists in sub projects, the user will be deleted there, too. [Ticket: 1883]
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Timestamp list: The first created timestamp of the day is now listed in the correct position, ordered by date. [Ticket: 1885]
  • Bugfix: Main Menu: Window -> Menu option Task templates are now listed below tasks [Ticket: 1877]
  • New: Edit task: New button "Insert symbol" [Ticket: 1886]
  • Bugfix: Edit task: When the font size was changed, it was automatically set to 0. [Ticket: 1875]
  • Bugfix: Task templates: Created task templates are now visible when using the filter "Own" in the workgroup [Ticket: 1878]
  • Applies only when using workgroups

Version [09.08.2014]

  • Bugfix: Excel export sometimes filled the text columns with number 64 instead of the correct number. [Ticket: 1824]
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Back to last project: Projects dissapeared from the list, when a manual entry was created. [Ticket: 1833]
  • Bugfix: To-Do list: Due entries were displayed with red font on red background. Changed to white on red.
  • Extension: Project names with more than 80 digits are now automatically shortened in the display
  • Bugfix: Merge timestamps: A running timestamp can no loger be merged with an existing one. [Ticket: 1832]
  • Bugfix: Printing timestamps: Not billable timestamps were not printed correctly when rounded to the full billing unit. [Ticket: 1837]

Version [12.05.2014]

  • New: New button "Show Error Log" in tab "System" to show the internal error log file.

Version [16.04.2014]

  • Bugfix: The buttons in the message dialog for software updates where still in German [Ticket: 1768]
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Timestamp list: Database error under MS-Access-Database when grouping by task subject

Version [20.03.2014]

  • Extension: Input dialogs for multiline text are now resizable and support textphrases [Ticket: 1689]
  • New: New dialog "Batch archive" in main menu of project manager
  • You can archive multiple projects that don't have timestamps for a certain amount of months/years.

  • Bugfix: Textphrases: Deleted phrases still apear when using popupmenu of timestamp list [Ticket: 1691]
Project manager
  • New: New filter in toolbar "Entered Timestamps since"
  • Show all projects that have timestamps since a specified date.

  • Bugfix: Todolist: Database error when exporting to Excel [Ticket: 1688]

Version [05.02.2014]

  • Minor bugfixes

Version [20.01.2014]

  • Bugfix: Minor Bugfixes

Version [11.01.2014] [New DB-Patchlevel 85]

First Release of V4.0

Activity report
  • New: New date filter in order to choose a free date range.
  • New: Assign a color to your projects/clients
  • This way you can group and mark your clients/projects in the project manager.

Project manager
  • New: Quick access for modules of Xpert-Timer
  • New toolbar at the bottom of the project manager in order to display/hide modules easier.

  • New: Project list: New columns
  • - Sub project number
    - Security level
    - Billing mode

  • New: Group by
  • - billing mode
    - security level
    - workgroup

  • New: Assign filter per Drag&Drop
  • Client, project and user data can now be dragged&dropped onto the filter fields in order to use them as the filter.

  • New: Duplicate reminders
  • You can now duplicate reminders easily.

  • New: Updated the task templates
  • - You can now sum up the estimates of the task package
    - Display the column "Receipient"
    - Menu button, in order to build a task package from selected tasks in task list.

  • New: Timestamp list: Hide the timestamps, but keep the date by setting the view in the context dialog of the timestamps.
  • New: Timestamp list: If you select multiple timestamps, the total of time of the selected timestamps is displayed.
  • New: Timestamp list: Use Ctrl+C to save the selected timestamps to the clipboard.

Version [03.07.2013]

  • Bugfix: Exception when editing a report template [Ticket: 1607]

Version [11.06.2013]

  • Bugfix: Error on "Back to last project" in time bar under MS-Access [Ticket: 1604]

Version [30.05.2013]

Project manager
  • Bugfix: Duplicate project - When a main project with no sub projects is duplicated, there is a wrong query dialog asking to switch of the time account of the main project [Ticket: 1595]
  • Bugfix: Button "Back" on the timebar - Using MySQL, the projects were not sorted correctly

Version [20.05.2013]

  • Bugfix: Error: Format 'The project estimate was exceed' is invalid or not compatible with this argument

Version [08.05.2013]

  • Extension: Update check: Now checks the license online to figure out if the update is free of costs [Ticket: 1566]

Version [02.05.2013]

  • Bugfix: Display problem with light text on light background
  • Bugfix: Manual entry: Pause is substracted from the time range in mode "Hours" [Ticket: 1062]

Version [22.04.2013]

  • Extension: Reminder when project runs. It can now also be set to minutes> 59 (max 240 minutes) [Ticket: 1549]
  • Extension: Reminder when the project runs. The selection "Dont show again today" is now stored individually for each project [Ticket: 1550]
  • Bugfix: Reminder when project is running: If reminder shows up and is displayed, the autopause function does not kick in [Ticket: 1489]

Version [03.04.2013]

Project manager
  • Bugfix: If a project is copied to another project by drag&drop, the target project must be converted into a master project and lose the time account status. [Ticket: 1519]
  • Bugfix: Project list can not be printed in single-user license with SQLite database [Ticket: 1512]
  • Extension: Progress check: If the user does not change the progress value, the button "Save" is grayed out. [Ticket: 1490]
  • Bugfix: Licensing: If the dialog "your license file is invalid" is displayed and a new license file is activated, the dialog opens behind the current window [Ticket: 1526]
  • Bugfix: Timestamp edit: The input focus is now not longer moved when a time is entered where the from time is larger then the till time. [Ticket: 1468]

Version [21.02.2013]

  • Extension: New project: Warning of a duplicate project number does not appear [Ticket: 1477]
Project manager
  • Extension: In column "Time consumption %" only the times of projects that have a estimate are included
  • Bugfix: The total amount in tab-free evaluation period during the year is calculated incorrectly. [Ticket: 1469]

Version [17.10.2012]

  • Bugfix: New button - check for irregularities in database and resolve
Project manager
  • Bugfix: Search fields allow characters for SQLInjection

Version [16.08.2012]

  • Info: Bundles all previous bugfixes and feature changes since the first release of version 3
  • This version is identical to version and its purpose is only to reach users that do not have set the automatic update check to "Bugfixes and feature changes"

Version [14.08.2012]

Project manager
  • Bugfix: Shortkey Ctrl+Enter does not start the selected project [Ticket: 1310]

Version [31.07.2012]

Project manager
  • Print project list: Additional option to print only the main projects without the subproject level

Version [23.07.2012]

  • DB-Update now also possible from V1.x to V3.x

Version [02.07.2012]

  • Bugfix: Several Bugfixes

Version [21.06.2012]

  • Bugfix: Automatic Backup: Backup of single-user databases is not performed automatically when you exit
  • Bugfix: The automatic e-mail notifications do not work, although the test email is sent correctly. [Ticket: 1191]
Project manager
  • Adding user to project is now possible again with popup menu [Ticket: 1185]
  • Show project checkmarks by default again [Ticket: 1195]
  • Bugfix: You accidentally created a task for an employee who is not assigned to the project then a query is user associate Yes / No" If "No" is clicked, the task is no longer visible. [Ticket: 1194]

Version [07.06.2012] [New DB-Patchlevel 83]

First release of V3.0

Activity report
  • You can now enter a location for your activity report
  • New option in the configuration and in the drop down menu of the start button in the project manager: Project to start retroactively with Ctrl + project selection in case you forgot to switch the project.
  • New option in the configuration: Automatically hide the timeline after x seconds
  • New option in the configuration: Avoid overlapping timestamps
  • New option in the configuration: Optional warning option, if the project estimate was exceeded
  • SQLite is now supported
  • New feature: Starting a project once with the option to enter a comment, rather than editing this setting in the project properties
Project manager
  • Quick Start Projects: By pressing the quickstart button, Xpert-Timer will create a new project and start it immediately. On stop you can decide what to do with the recorded time and the project
  • Fast entry projects: Direct input of the project name in the project manager for adding new projects easily
  • By right clicking on a column entry in the Project Manager you get the option to change this entry
  • Saveable views of the project list, task list, time stamp list
  • Sort project list by columns
  • Multiple selection of projects to assign status, progress etc. easily
  • Direct input of text using F2 in the project manager
  • Grouping, filtering and prioritizing of projects is now possible in the project manager
  • Intelligent Fast Entry (smart entry function) for tasks, projects and time stamp. e.g. Timestamp fast entry: 0800-1000 Phone conversations
  • New hierarchy level: Create timestamps on tasks
  • You can now entere an estimated time for tasks
  • Calculate the total project estimation based on the single estimates of the tasks by right-clicking on the total sum of the main project in the project manager.
  • Task packages can now be created and assigned to projects (used as a template). Assign the tasks to the package by draging and dropping it into the task template dialog
  • You can now enter en estimate for every task once you hit "Start" on the task. (Setting in configuration)
  • Running time stamp of the task is displayed on the timebar
  • You can now enter a comment to every task status, for example the reason of rejection
  • The subject of the task can automatically be written into the comment field of the timestamp
  • Run reports on your completet task timestamps
  • In order to manually enter long timestamps. For example for a whole week, those 40 hours are now automatically distributed to timestamps on several days
  • Grouping option of the timestamps by comment
  • Fast Entry timestamp: Easier way to add manual timestamps. Just enter for example: 1000-1100 Testing -> Creates a timestamp vom 10 til 11 with the comment "Testing"
  • Each timestamp can now also be assigned a location.
  • New structure of access right groups
  • New structure of workgroups